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September 2012

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thickets in lambdacore

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and Portal 2

So I'm sure I'm not alone in being awfully sad and dejected that Valve basically refused to speak about either of these games at E3 this year. :( (You can read what they DID say here. It's not much.)

However, something occurred to me ... I'm entertaining the idea that perhaps part of the reason they are being so damned quiet about both games is ... well, what if the two games are going to be the same game?

We already know that Episode 3 is going to take place at least partially on board the Borealis. I can't remember when or how, but I could have sworn I saw some leaked info from Episode 3 showing proposed layouts of the Borealis which included testing chambers, which led many people to believe that GLaDOS might appear on the Borealis. What if it's not actually GLaDOS but instead the Cave Johnson AI we believe they were casting for in Portal 2?

It could potentially be kind of epic. However, I really want to see the return of Chell. :( Though even if they are really two separate games, it's possible we might not get to see her again, anyway.


I hope not. Both games are very different, the whole idea about portal would be missed if they include a whole action gameplay in it, and just wonder how the battles would turn out if Gordon obtains the portal gun at the middle of the game! xD

The concept art about ep3 tells that a part of the game would be in a kind of an.. alien iceberg?, a giant mass of rocks where the Borealis is trapped. I don't know how much you'll can do inside that ship anyway D:

Maybe an Epic battle against the advisors? :D
Although playing in some space-time distortion playground caused by the Borealis would be sweet.
Agreed with canthari here, I think the games should be seperate, but references would be awesome. Even Cave Johnson cameo.

Beyond an epic Advisor battle, we already know G-man's gonna be around. He's kind of a bad guy and kind of not, so maybe there'll be some kind of confrontation? Besides "MR. FreeMANNNNNNNNN have a psychadelic CUTsceNNNEEE".
My friends and I have been thinking that it's some sort of GLaDOS prototype... which could very well be the Cave AI you're talking about!

Personally, I'm still hoping against hope that Adrian Shepherd comes back in canon. :3