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lambdacore's Journal

The Lambda Core - A Community for Half-Life Fans
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The Lambda Core

This is a community where you can chat about Half-Life, the Half-Life universe, mods, and sequels! Feel free to friend, join and post. Our objective is to create a Half-Life community where all fans of the series and its mods will feel welcome. No lurking vorts or headhumpers here, we promise. ;D

However, if you start being an arse about things (eg, trolling), we will be compelled to ban you. You have been warned.


Half-Life Fallout.Net. A great place to go, especially for screens, wallpapers and concept art.

Black Mesa Source page on Wiki. A Total Conversion Mod of HL2, Black Mesa aims to recreate HL on the Source engine, making it the both a completely new experience and taking you back to the game you know (hopefully!) and love.

Planet Half-Life. A very good site for walkthroughs and file information.


None yet! We are new. Email kotorjediamaya AT gmail DOT com if you're interested.

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