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September 2012

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lapommedeva in lambdacore

Noob post

Hi everyone! I noticed there hadn't been any posts here recently, so even though I don't have much to say I decided to post an entry. I hope that's okay. ^^

I'm a new fan of the Half-Life series, having been introduced to it by the Orange Box (specifically, Portal). I mean, I'd seen my boyfriend's brother playing it before, but I never played it myself it until the Orange Box came out - and then I fell completely in love with the whole Half-Life universe. I played all four of the games in the main storyline plus Portal and enjoyed it the entire time.

So! Enough about me. Let's get some discussion going! Now that it's January we've had a few months to mull over the latest entries in the series. What do you predict/hope/wonder will happen in Episode 3 and beyond?

Personally, I'd love to see more of how Portal fits into the Half-Life world. Luckily it looks like Episode 3 is definitely going to deliver in that respect. :) I'm wondering, though, if at the end of Episode 3 the G-Man's going to put Gordon in stasis again. Or will he set him free?


I hope they include Barney at least. And I hoping they bring back Shephard. (erm.... http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Adrian_Shephard and http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Half-Life:Opposing_Force)
Heh, I haven't played Opposing Force (or Blue Shift or Decay for that matter), but I know who Adrian is. ^^; That's okay though.

Yes, they should bring Barney back! It was really too bad he wasn't in Episode 2 at all.